Papilio is a multi-colour yarn produced in Portugal by Têxteis J.F. Almeida, S.A.

It is an innovative product which can be produced in any type of fibre, with a combination of up to 6 different colours per reel, thereby guaranteeing the textile sector an infinite range of possibilities.

The Papilio brand was created based on pillars of excellence, promoting and ensuring standards of quality and transparency both in the market and for its customers and partners.


Papilio can be produced in any combination of fibres and colours, and, as such, can be used in an infinite range of products. Sectors in which Papilio is used and which demonstrate its versatility include sport, clothing, home textiles and the automobile industry.


Environmental Sustainability

In addition to the innovative, versatile and top quality characteristics of Papilio, the dyeing process used also boasts the following advantages when compared to normal yarn dyeing processes:


  • Cold processing:

Unlike normal yarn dyeing, the Papilio stamping process does not require the use of thermal energy;


  • Fewer auxiliary products:

Papilio dyeing process requires just 1/3 of the auxiliary products used in normal dyeing processes;


  • No salt nor Hydrogen peroxide is used in the processing of cellulosic fibres;


  • The mechanical and chemical process used is significantly less intense

This minimises impairment and alterations in the properties of the fibres arising from the dyeing and finishing processes;


  • 0% reprocessing.
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