JF Almeida has an extensive portfolio of finishes that give the final product special and differentiating characteristics in terms of touch, appearance, durability, resistance, washing, fragrances and even elements of a relaxing and therapeutic nature.


In November 2023, the new Textile Finishing Unit was opened, which increased capacity and diversity of services.


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JFA specializes in special finishings, divided into the Regular, Aromatic and Protector categories.


In the Regular Finish category, we can find:



Easy Care

The easy care process main objective is to improve the appearance and shrinkage properties of the 100% cotton article. It provides the final product with a soft touch, good dimensional stability and the reduction of creases and wrinkles. With these properties, the need to iron the article is reduced, even after several washes. Its application is made by impregnation, containing softener to provide a pleasant touch, resin and catalyst to achieve the easy care effect. 


Encorpados (full-bodied)

It is a finish that allows to give a full-bodied to the final article, leaving it with a more robust and vigorous touch. 


Impermeabilizantes (waterproofing)

It is a finish that slows down the absorption of liquids. This finish forms a barrier around the fiber providing a long lasting, safe and smooth effect. The result is a high level of water, oil and stains repellency. The finish can be applied to 100% cotton, linen, viscose and others. 


Soft touch

It is a finish that provides soft and smooth pieces, pleasant to the touch and absorbent. The finish can be applied to 100% cotton, linen, viscose and others. 



It is a softener free from animal oils. Provides a soft, pleasant to the touch and absorbent article. The finish can be applied to 100% cotton articles, blends with linen, viscose and others. 



This article was developed in order to give the towel exfoliating properties. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and as such it must have extra daily care. This article gives an excellent superficial touch and the rougher the more force is printed on the article, causing the skin to be massaged in some way and at the same time dead cells are removed from the surface. Facilitates the unblocking of pores, promoting a greater absorption capacity of moisturizing creams.



The polyester article has low absorption capacity. The HYDROPES finish provides hydrophilicity to the polyester fiber and anti-static properties, giving a more pleasant touch to the article. This finish has good resistance to washing and the parts are easy to clean. HYDROPES provides the fiber with perfect absorption and good perspiration in sports articles. It can be applied to 100% PES articles or their mixtures, either in the form of thread or on fabric/towel.


In the Aromatic Finish category we can find:




Coffee is loved almost universally. The smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes memories of a Sunday breakfast and an energetic start to the day. This invigorating aroma stimulates the feeling of alertness and activates your brain.



Aloe Vera is known to keep your skin clean and hydrated. Restores the natural balance of the body and skin as a moisturizer and pain reliever.


Camellia Sinensis

Chamomile is famous for being soothing and for having relaxing properties and a scent that keeps everything smelling clean. The chamomile fragrance is an excellent air freshener for your towels.



The fragrant light purple lavender or lavender flowers have a unique and recognizable smell. It is a fresh and smooth fragrance that will help you relax. is an excellent air freshener for your towels.


In the Protector Finish category we can find:




It is a finish that provides protective and repellent action against mosquitoes and other insects.


Anti UV

Articles with this finish provide effective protection against harmful UV rays.



COTTPURE5 incorporates products of the highest technology that reduce the proliferation of fungi, viruses and bacteria on the surface of textile articles, mainly in terry fabric, and gives a fresh and pleasant touch to their use. It has long-lasting protection and high resistance to washing, being an ecologically sustainable product. It can be applied in 100% CO articles, and in mixtures with linen, viscose and others. The product is tested by laboratories external to the virus test ISO 18184: 2019 and ASTM VR-1679 and bacterial test ISO 20743 and ASTM E 2149-01, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the product for more than 100 washes. This product complies with the Oeko-tex Standart 100 standard. This finish reduces the activity of bacteria, mites and fungi, preventing the appearance of unpleasant stains and odors, keeping the article with hygiene and freshness.



Finishing composed of flame retardant substances, hindering the spread of fire. Safety is one of the greatest obsessions of our time, and in the home textile sector, articles that respect and comply with fire protection standards are increasingly sought. In this way, the  J. F Almeida has developed a special textile finish with anti-fire properties, which is essential in many industries to protect from sources of ignition, such as sparks and spills, and in homes where home textiles developed with the NEFLAME finish have the ability to delay and even inhibition of small fires. NEFLAME is easy to apply, does not change the properties of textile fibers, provides a finish with an appropriate and pleasant touch, does not change the shade of reds and leaves no residual smell/odor. Can be applied to 100% CO articles, and combines with linen, viscose, modal and other fibers. It is suitable for different types of fibers, however, the individual properties of each fiber must be observed. Fire behavior is an elementary safety concern with home textile items, items that are flame retardant and with anti-fire characteristics are intended. Be}ng on security, J. F. Almeida bet on the performance of fire behavior by developing the NEFLAME finish, a flame-retardant finish. Is cer=fied in external laboratories for fire resistance in various standards. In the fire behavior of home textiles in general, they meet the standards ASTM D 1230, CAN/CGSB 4.2 No. 27.5, ASTM D 6413 and DIN EN ISO 15025. The fire behavior in curtains – home textiles is in accordance with the BS 5867 standard. In home textiles used in sleepwear as bathrobes, they meet 16 CFR 1610, BS 5722 / BS 5438. For children’s sleepwear – bathrobes (over 14 years) meet 16 CFR1615 / 1616. In all tests, the product’s effectiveness was guaranteed by more than 50 washes. This product complies with Oeko-tex Standart 100 class II.



In our day to day lifes we already have many things to worry about, so the smell should not be one of them anymore. ODORSTOP provides strong and reliable protection for textile articles with a long-lasting and ready-to-use effect after each wash.


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