JFA integrates the biggest dying unit of Europe. With an astonishing and modern unit, JFA is dedicated to piece and yarn dyeing.


This unit includes a 24-hour lab that can answer to new colors in just one day.




3 Stenters with thermal recovery, 2 air/air e 1 air/water.
2 Tumblers with pre-drying
1 High quality blade with inlet vaporization.

1 Singeing Osthoff-Senge

2 Washing machines
1 Dryer
1 Dyeing Foulard Benninger and 2 Jigger MCS.

1 Stenter Brueckner
1 Calender Guarneri Technology

1 Brushing machine


Piece Dyeing


Daily capacity of 45 tons, monthly capacity 1000 tons.


23 jets
High Pressure Machines
Types of dyeing: reactive, disperse, direct, acid, cationic, and vats.


Yarn Dyeing


Daily capacity of 15 tons, monthly capacity 330 tons.


32 Machines
High pressure machines for bath ratio.

Space dying, Multicolor dying untill 6 colors at the same time.


It is also responsible for the production of the trademark Papilio.




The products and services provided by JFA are developed in accordance with high quality standards required by the international markets, namely: ISO, AATCC, ASTM, European (EN) and national (PT) standards, having re- sults checked in external laboratories. The laboratory is certified by the H&M group and complies with the require- ments of the INDITEX group.


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